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  • Senior Film Director Tulsi Ghimire

    August 07, 2016

    Tulsi Ghimire, a Nepali film director, screenwriter, film editor, cameraman, actor and lyricist, was born in Sindeybong, Kalimpong, Darjeeling district, India to Dhojman Ghimire and Narbada Ghimire. In his childhood he studied in Mani Memorial Primary School in Sindebung. In the school, they had an unique way of teaching the alphabets the teacher used to write the alphabets in floor and we used to lay small pebbles on top of it. From grade 3 to grade 11 he studied in Scottish University Mission Institute (SUMI). There was no school dress. He has two younger brothers and a sister. Tulsi Ghimire completed Bachelor of Arts from Kalingpong College.

    He began his career as a spot boy in India’s Bollywood to learn the craft of filmmaking from scratch. He went Sikkim and met the cameraman to tell that he was crazy to get into film making at the time there was a shooting of a Hindi movie, “Romeo in Sikkim” in Sikkim.

    At the age of 22 he went to Bombay to enter the film industry. He went to the cameraman’s home.The cameraman’s house was very small and he couldn’t adjust in it. He didn’t have any money. He spent four days in railway platform. Then he started living with a friend named Anifa Hipa. That was the most difficult phase of his life. He worked in any type of job he could find to remain in Bombay. He worked as light man, helper to makeup artist, and artist to stand in a crowd.
    Later on he learnt film editing from the Hindi movie editor GG Patil. He used to spend most of his time in editing room. He did the editing of Hindi movies like ‘Hukumat’, ‘Bandhan Kachhe Dhageka’, ‘Shrandhanjali’, ‘Nai Dishayan’, and ‘Hum Se Badhkar Kaun’. Apart from Hindi movies he had done editing of Bhojpuri, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Hariyani, and Bengali movies.
    Bollywood editor Kamlakar Karkhanis advised him to make Nepali movies at that time. In 1981 he directed his first Nepali movie, “Bansuri”. He made his second movie Kusume Rumal in 1985, based on his own story, which became very successful.
    The 21 Nepali films under his belt include other hits that made his reputation “Lahure” “Darpan Chhaya” , “Dakshina”and “Balidan”.
    Among them,Darpan Chaya is considered to be one of the top grossing and the biggest blockbusters of Nepali cinema. His another movie “Desh” also focuses on Nepal-India relations, especially through the valiant Gorkha soldiers of Nepal who battle for India’s security in the Indian Army.
    He also has a children’s film, “Swarg ko pari” that will premiere in Sikkimese capital Gangtok .
    He got married to Bharati Ghimire and had a children Bhawana and Panchami Ghimire, have also acted in a Nepali movie for children “Swarg Ko Pari”.
    He have already directed more than 21 movies and all of them are made on his own story. Now his up coming movie is Gautam Buddha i.e made on the story of Buddha.The movie was reported to cost over 80 million rupees.


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