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    May 06, 2014


    Nakul Karki is a versatile music composer, writer & singer from Nepali Music Industry born in Kathmandu on 14th of shrawan, 2043, Originated from Jyamire - 8, Sindhupalchowk. He's a composer & recordist at Opus 9 Recording Studio since 2007.

    Writing Songs & Composing Music since 2000. He has released 3 different music albums [JANMA … NAYAA AAWAAZ KO, OCTAVE & MAYA TIMILAAI].

    Graduated Master's Degree in Sociology & Anthropology from TU, Nakul is a cool creator of Nepali Music Industry.

    Currently he's too much busy at Opus 9 Recording Studio for creating fresh Nepali songs for various artists. Nakul Karki is here with us as CAPITAL PRATIBHA OF THE MONTH for the month of BAISHAK, 2071. You can listen and  know more about Karki via Capital F.M.92.4 MHz. & You can also provide feedback on his email :

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CAPITAL HONOR of the Month (Mangsir 2072) - Gauri Pradhan

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